GNR: Seized more than a hundred horses in degrading conditions.

The more than one hundred horses seized from holdings in Aljustrel and Ferreira do Alentejo, for lack of health conditions, still held by the owner, who was appointed “trustee”.

The Environmental Protection Core Aljustrel GNR, He seized last Wednesday 104 horses, in two farms in the municipalities of Aljustrel and Ferreira do Alentejo, both belonging to the same individual.

The action of the military affections Beja Territorial Command was carried out following a complaint made by SOS Environment and Territory online, which resulted in enforcement 115 equines, 104 of which were seized for lack of identification and health conditions.

Despite the irregularities detected, the animals are still held by the owner, since it was appointed trustee.

During the inspection it was possible to detect a violation by GNR lack of livestock registration and issued notices of contravention by lack of animal identification, fines whose value can reach 3.750 euros.

In addition to the military GNR action had the support of elements of the General Directorates and Regional Alentejo Food and Veterinary and Agriculture and Fisheries and Municipal Veterinarians of Aljustrel and Ferreira do Alentejo.

Teixeira Correia


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