Ferreira do Alentejo: Judged by four crimes of domestic violence.

Man assaulted wife and three children and will be judged by four crimes of domestic violence. Out of jail he sought Alfundão woman and assaulted her in public.

The Public Ministry (MP) Judgment of Ferreira do Alentejo, an individual accused, of 42 year old, whose last known residence was in Setúbal, after having lived in Alfundão, Ferreira do Alentejo county, four crimes of domestic violence, perpetrated with his wife and three of six children.

The defendant incurs still in the accessory penalties of prohibition contact with the victims and use ban and bear arms, until a period of five years and the obligation to attend specific programs of domestic violence.

According to the charge order that the Lidador News (LN) We had access, in January 2014, the residence in Setubal, Nuno O., He assaulted physically and verbally three children, two girls and a boy.

After serving prison sentence, Nuno, He sought the woman in Alfundão and intended to resume the relationship that this has not accepted, due to already have another companion. The individual held the woman's house, ending also for assaulting public, inside a cafe in the village Alentejo.

During the twenty-four years they lived together, the accused and the woman, six children were born, three girls and three boys, aged between 8 and 22 year old.

By virtue of being a highly dysfunctional family, in April 2015, It was applied provisionally, institutional care as the four children of less, having these in December the same year, It has been applied to residential care as it is still in force.

Nuno O., which is released, by term of identity and residence (TIR), It will be judged by a Collective Court of the Central Criminal Court of Beja, chaired by Magistrate Ana Batista, risking a shame that can exceed 10 years in prison.

Considering that the presence of the accused inhibit victims tell the truth, the Prosecutor of the MP Ferreira do Alentejo, required that the removal of the courtroom as witnesses provide testimony, by being especially vulnerable.

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