Ferreira do Alentejo: Screening motorcycle driver causes death.

A man of 29 year old, He died early yesterday following the screening of the motorcycle leading, while crossing the village of Ferreira do Alentejo.

Everything points to speeding, when José Miguel Pinheiro, natural GasparÔes, in Ferreira do Alentejo county, headed home, in Beringel, in Beja county, just over 10 kilometers from the crash site, It occurred at about 05,03 hours, according to information Relief Operations District Command (CDOS) Beja.

Has learned the Lidador News (LN), the individual was a party in a village near the town where he was born and when crossing the village county seat, lost control of the motorcycle, having crashed on the sidewalk, then two trees, getting over 100 meters from the place where the screening. Turn, the two-wheeled vehicle was skidding on tarmac, staying, second source of fire, "The hands of 200 meters from the start of the accident ".

José Pinheiro, shunter agricultural machinery, He is the father of a girl from a first marriage, died instantly, which would be confirmed on site by the physician of the Medical Car Emergency Resuscitation (VMER) do Hospital de Beja.

For the aid to the victim were mobilized 16 operating of Ferreira do Alentejo Fire, VMER and GNR, supported by seven cars. The body of José Pinheiro was taken to the Forensic Medicine Office of Beja, where it should be autopsied today.

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