Ferreira do Alentejo: Five Romanian citizens tried for aiding illegal migration.

The Public Ministry (MP) Ferreira do Alentejo, indicted five Romanian citizens, aged 20 and 40 year old, imputing, main incrimination practice aid crime of illegal immigration.

The arrest of the suspects (photo of Lidador News file), who are released, happened in Ferreira do Alentejo, following an operation triggered by the GNR to recover stolen equipment in various kind of shops and farms, that detainees were the recetação and sent to Romania.

Four of the defendants are accused by MP practice co-authored material eighteen crimes and aiding illegal immigration. The fifth defendant was alleged the practice of six aid crimes against illegal immigration and also two bribery crimes.

For the group that will be judged by a Collective Court, the Criminal Court of Beja, the MP asked that they be sentenced to pay financial compensation to victims, all foreign.

The arrests of the five accused, was followed by another in which two Romanian citizens, of 19 and 29 year old, They were arrested and placed in custody, after being caught in possession of several stolen items in Portugal and Spain.

This Ferreira MP's accusation Alentejo follows the prosecution of Évora DIAP, in the past day 13 arrested near 7,5 million to a network of human trafficking, composed of five men and one woman, aged between 22 and 47 year old, which operated in the district of Beja, whom he accused of one hundred and nineteen crimes of different nature and severity.

Teixeira Correia


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