FÂȘ Alentejo: Couple sentenced to 12 years in prison for domestic violence, children on woman.

A couple living in Ferreira do Alentejo, was yesterday sentenced, in legal height, a 12 years in prison, 6 years for each, for two crimes of domestic violence, perpetrated against two minor children of women.

The individual was still sentenced to more 6 months in prison for a crime of ill-treatment for pets. The two were also ordered to pay the sum of 10.000 euros, the title indemnity, each of the two young victims, who are institutionalized, a Temporary Shelter, located in the Algarve.

The court gave as evidence that Sonia Sobral, of 33 year old, and his companion, Paul Fresca, of 29 year old, committed several acts of aggression, committed between June 2015 and October 2017, against Alex, the woman's son, now with 15 year old, with punches and kicks, blows with sticks and belts or even to have tied the lowest, carrier Asperger, condition that involves poor communication and socialization.

As for the girl, Eva, of 8 year old, He was forced to attack his brother with a belt several times, to the delight of the accused, and he had to see the mother's partner hang one of the dogs that the couple had received at home.

Considering the gravity of the facts committed against minors had different implications, given the condition of the boy, the Collective of Judges, chaired by magistrate Mariana Piçarra, applied the following penalties, each of the defendants: by crimes against Alex, 4 years and 6 months imprisonment and committed against Eva, 3 years in prison, in legal height, 6 years each. The man saw his sentence increased by 6 months for having hanged a dog.

Sonia and Paul who will wait for the final judgment freedom of judgment, still suffered incidental frequency feathers, in prison environment, specific programs for domestic violence. They were acquitted ten crimes aggravated kidnapping and ill-treatment.

Judge verberou the couple's behavior justifying that "children were inhuman treatment", explaining that "the statements of the children were appalling", adding that the mother showed "a cold and discredited personality", finished.

The magistrate reminded Paul that it "already has eight convictions, some of which, by robbery ", concluded.

Teixeira Correia


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