Exposure: "Beja Republican" -conta the city's history in the sixteen years of the First Republic.

It opened on Friday, by 18:30, the UNESCO Center for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage – Beja exposure "Beja Republican".

Sponsored by the city of Beja, with the scientific coordination of Constantine Piçarra (IHC-Universidade Nova de Lisboa), the exhibition aims to tell the story of the city in the sixteen years of the First Republic (1910-1926).

A narrative where text and image establish a relationship, one sometimes complementary and sometimes autonomous, the exhibition shows the formation and affirmation of the Portuguese Republican Party in the district of Beja.

“Beja Republican” It describes the political developments at the local government level, shows striking aspects of everyday city life, It highlights the main achievements of municipal republican power and provides an overview of the local press.

In addition to these aspects, the exhibition also traces the labor movement of the frame of Beja during the First Republic, with reference to their organizations and major struggles that.

The exhibition will be open to the public until 12 November.

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