(Exclusive) Beja: Sporting C.P. Civil uses Terminal City Airport infrastructures.

Sporting Clube de Portugal will be "diverted" to airport terminal Beja returning from New York. The constraints to Lisbon airport require this change.

The main football team of Sporting Clube de Portugal, will land on Thursday, 25 July, by 11,30 hours, the Civil Terminal Airport infrastructures Beja (TCBeja), on his return from New York, where will face European champion, Liverpool Football Club.

Has learned the Lidador News, the leonine team travels on Monday to the United States of America, from Lisbon Airport on charter flight and the limitations that the airport infrastructure capital has, led to the return flight had been "diverted" to Beja.

The TCBeja travel to Lisbon will be on the bus club that saw the purposely low-Alentejo capital to carry the team, playing on Wednesday (01,00 Thursday in Portugal) no Yankee Stadium, stadium built in 2009, in Bronx, in New York.

This will be the second time the TCBeja is used by a football team, after last day 7, o Birmingahm City, Team England second division, have landed at the site to start the stage that held in Troy. The British team returned to use the Terminal on 14, for their return to BIRMINGAHM.

It will be recalled when the end of champios Call, in Lisbon, in the game that pitted the rival Madrid, Real and Atletico, match on 25 May 2014, Terminal was used as aircraft parking, flights and private charters, I Despois of landing in Humberto Delgado Airport and have dropped passengers, They headed to Beja, where after completion of starting, They made the flight in reverse.

The terminal uses the tracks Civil Air Force Base 11, the only suitable for in Portugal receive the A380, that Hy Fly, owner of the aircraft, He has used several times, having made his debut almost a year ago, having stepped soil alentejano 23 July 2018, before a crowd of onlookers who caused huge traffic jams to the city of Beja.

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