(Exclusive) Beja: Military committed two thefts inside the BA11 and was kicked out of the Air Force.

A first cable Air Base (BA) 11, in Beja, He stole money and casings of ammunition brass and was kicked out of the Air Force. The cases occurred in late 2016 and will now be tried.

John C. Tomaz, then with 24 year old, Natural Switzerland and son of Portuguese parents, residing within the BA 11, in mid-September 2016, He introduced the office of the Official Day and the official Carla A. portfolio, He stole the amount of 25 euros, that this had in your flight bag.

among 25 November and 4 December 2016, the military entered the Maintenance Sector Land and Armaments Storage (sMALL) the Fleet Air Police (EPA), to which it was attached and took 2.799 casings of ammunition, and 270 gauge 0.50, 1.175 caliber 9mm and 1.354 gauge 7,62 mm, brass alloy material weighing 70,879 kms.

In the indictment is not clear motivation of the military for theft and how, but certainly inside your car, the individual removed the unit material, which then "sold sucateira a Evora, the amount of 30 euros”.

John Tomáz was accused by prosecutors of Beja and will be tried in the court of this city, the practice of two crimes of theft, may incur a prison sentence of up to five years.

The JN questioned the Public Relations Air Force, on internal implications, including the EPA and the military, that they had been thefts, with Lieutenant Colonel Manuel Costa, said that "the military placed on SMAAT is assigned the task of collecting the wrappers released during maintenance shooting sessions. It is-is of inert material, that for environmental reasons, It is collected and sold as metallic waste ", justified.

The official added that the Air Force was that "in the collection process detected the lack of reference material in, explaining that "there was no security breach, on the contrary, It was established process control and supervision enabling detecting disagreement ", concluded.

Finally Lieutenant Colonel Manuel Costa, He said that the situation "was reported to the Judicial Police and Military, simultaneously, an internal process was opened, which resulted in the disciplinary penalty of compulsory termination of his contract with the Prime Cabo John Christ Tomáz with the Air Force ", finished.

The accused is charged with two simple theft crimes, which by its type could result in a sentence in the maximum up to five years in prison, which would imply a judgment by a Collective Court. In view of the allegations made against the defendant and does not have a criminal record, understands the prosecutor, aplicvar that the penalty will be less than five years, by John Tomáz will be judged by a court Single.


Money- 25 euros

casings- 2.799 units, Calibre 0.50- 270 units, Calibre 9 mm- 1.175 units, Calibre 7,62 mm- 1.354 units, Weight- 70,879 kms, Sale value- 30 euros

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