(Exclusive) Beja: Pregnant forced to go to Évora, after registration refusal.

Although the administration of determining ULSBA, doctor refused registration of the mother in the Beja Hospital and had to follow to Évora. Chairman of the holiday Administration does not explain.

Registration and observation of a pregnant 40 weeks, It was rejected last night by an ER Physician Beja Hospital, despite the statement of the board of the Local Health Unit of the Lower Alentejo (ULSBA) determine which was assured "the on-call specialty, as well as the emerging service by a surgical medical team ".

Given the refusal of medical service, the woman was transported by her husband, professional firefighters of Beja, in the couple's car, to the Hospital of the Holy Spirit, Evora, without any assistance.

For lack of the medical specialty of Obstetrics, that since the 06,00 hours of yesterday and to the 08,00 hours Wednesday, the ER (HIS) Gynecology / Obstetrics Hospital José Joaquim Fernandes, in Beja, It was closed, what happened the fifth time since the beginning of this year.

Contacted by Lidador News (LN), the chairman of the board of county ULSBA, assured unaware of the situation, as: "I'm on vacation and do not give the contact Clinical Director, because it is out of service ", justified.

Last day 9 June, a woman gave birth to a girl, an ambulance the fire Aljustrel, I had to stop a village gas station, for lack of obstetrician at the hospital in Beja.

Sunday rod (husband of the woman in labor)

"The doctor on duty, Gabriel Gomes, He refused to enroll my wife in emergency. I was forced to go to Evora at my own risk. I am a firefighter and give their lives for others and we were treated as if we were not human beings.

Teixeira Correia


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