(Exclusive) Beja: EMAS move lawsuit to Joaquim Honorio Fox Foundation.

The Municipal Company for Water and Sanitation (EMAS) Beja, He filed a lawsuit against Joaquim Honorio Fox Foundation, in order to collect water debt almost 27 thousand euros.

Gave last entry in Local Civil Court of Beja, a Joint Action Process, by an order, by which the Municipal Company for Water and Sanitation (EMAS) Beja wants to charge the Joaquim Honorio Fox Foundation, which is based in Salvada (Beja), to charge 26.960.56 euros in debt water supply.

Last day 22 April, the Lidador News revealed, according to data EMAS, that Joaquim Honorio Fox Foundation, based in Salvada, county Beja, which had a debt 53.036,32 euros, which is in payment default by injunction process. The IPSS not then expressed interest in EMAS to make a payment arrangement, which were to comply fully.

The process with the number 55023 / 19.6YIPRT, It concerns the part of the institution's debt to the Municipal Company for Water and Sanitation.

In another level and further in relation to Joaquim Honorio Fox Foundation, the Lidador News revealed last day 24 June, that the institution had delayed the maturing April and May 2019 and Christmas subsidy 2018 late, of the nearly four dozen workers, mostly women, with superior ages to 40 year old.

Despite and have not yet closed the accounts of 2018, the Private Institution of Social Solidarity (IPSS) It presents a liability that is expected to exceed one million euros. No end of 2017 the liability was 722.478,05 euros, that part over 300 thousand euros debt to Social Security (SS), subject prestacional Payment Plan.

The foundation, It was established in 1962 by the parish of Salvada, whose president leads the two institutions, and it was recognized as IPSS 25 years later, developing social responses of Residential Structure for Senior / Home (na photos), Day Center, Home Support Service, Times Free Activities Center and Nursery, with cooperation agreement with the Social Security.

What is a process Injunction

It is a procedure that allows a lender of debt have a document (which is called enforceable) which enables it to appeal to a judicial enforcement proceedings to recover from the debtor the amount that it owes. After the presentation of the injunction application by the lender, the debtor is notified of this application and, You do not oppose the same, It is issued enforceable. If opposes, the process is referred to a court.

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