(Exclusive) Beja: Accidental shooting injures civilian employee of PSP.

The accidental shooting of a hunting weapon inside the Arms and Explosives Core PSP, in Beja, caused injury to a civilian employee of the corporation. The woman suffered minor injuries.

The accidental shooting of a hunting weapon, He left a woman injured, of 56 year old, civil employee of the Public Security Police (PSP), after being hit by two shot pellets.

The case happened in the Arms and Explosives Core PSP, that works in the former premises of the Civil Government, in Beja.

Has learned the Lidador News (LN) The shooting occurred at about 12,42 hours, when an agent handled a shotgun that had just been delivered by a civil citizen, when the same shot. The shot ricocheted and hit a wall I.R., civil employee of the police work in that section, having two lead pellets hitting the woman in the left arm and abdomen.

Transported immediately to the Emergency Department of Hospital José Joaquim Fernandes, Beja, which was received 10 minutes after the accident, in a state regarded as stable, conducted additional tests, was discharged to 17,00 hours.

Heard by LN, Superintendent Glory Days, Commander of the District Command of the PSP of Beja, It revealed that the incident occurred "with a hunting weapon that had been delivered and what was loaded. Fortunately that did not happen anything serious. It opened an investigation to find out what this in the trigger source ", justified.

In the rescue and transportation to the hospital was involved in an ambulance of Beja Fire with two operating.

It is recalled that at the end of last June, LN published a story about the old building Beja Civil Government, in which the commander of the PSP took the willingness to take control (management and full occupancy) space. The official explained that with the assumption of the entire building "could distribute all police valence and ensure better security", concluded.

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