(Exclusive) Beja: Borussia Dortmund-Sub23 stage has begun in the city.

The Borussia Dortmund team (BVB 09) Sub23, tonight gave start to the stage that will be held in Beja until next 18, such as Lidador News revealed last day 30 October 2019.

The German team landed in Humberto Delgado Airport, in Lisbon, and went to the city Alentejo, a bus of the Municipality of Beja, having reached the Beja Parque Hotel, which will be housed, They were 19,00 hours.

The squad of Borussia Dortmund consists of twenty-six players, with just three foreign, Its main coach Mike Tullberg, that joins a technical staff of eight people and 30 minutes after stepping soil alentejano, followed for natural turf Sports Complex Fernando Mamede, for a desentorpecimento session for thirty minutes.

The team will make twice-daily workouts, to 10,00 and the 16,00 hours, having available to municipal sports facilities. The staff of Borussia when it came to Beja see the facilities was pleased with the hotel that stay 200 meters from training camps, allowing the team to move on foot.

The reception and welcome the German team, were Paul Arsenic, Mayor of Beja and Arlindo Morais, Councilman Sports showing their satisfaction with the city of choice for the team stage.

Paul Arsenio, spent part of his childhood in Germany, and lived in Pforzheim, known as the "City of Gold", during 7 year old, because parents were immigrants. A fluent German "thanked the Borussia" and left the assurance that "the city council will do everything to feel at home", concluded.

Carlos Couto, Braga of Portugal's son, He was born in Germany, He played in the youth ranks at BVB 09 and a year and a half which is connected to the club in the observation and exploration of players.

"It's a pride being here, in particular for me, I am the son of Portuguese. What are doing to this club is not customary in Germany, because we have agencies that treat us all. Here we will take a message to other clubs to come to Beja ", Carlos Couto justified.

During the German club stage will make two friendlies next Wednesday, 15 January. To 11,00 hours will face the sub23 of Vitoria Setubal and the 17,00 hours with the Union Serpense, leader of Serie A 2nd District Division of Beja Football Association (A.F.Beja), whose president, as an immigrant was security at the stadium of Borussia, is responsible for the team coming to Beja.

Borussia Dortmund II, as it is known in the western region of Rhineland League club in the North / Westphalia, plays in the western region League, 4th division Bundesliga, after returning to Germany, back to the official competition 25 January, after the winter interregnum.

O Ball Game Club Borrusia 1909, unidentified emblem as BVB 09, It has the nickname "Die Schearzgelben" (Bone-Negro gold), has 110 years old, having been founded on 19 December 1909.

Note the stage edge

Upon arrival in Beja, Carlos Couto, told the delegation that the neighborhood (now called district of the Air Force, before the German Quarter) and larger buildings that could be seen next to the hotel had been built by German face to its presence at the Air Base (BA) 11, in Beja.

A BA 11 It was activated in 1967, lodging, almost since its inception, instructional units of the German Air Force (German Lutfwafe), stationed under a bilateral agreement between Portugal and Germany, where they remained until 1987.

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