(Exclusive) Beja: Old Civil Government “a lot” of state services.

The old building of the Civil Government, there is not: management body, security, toilets for the public. The lift for the disabled is faulty. The PSP is available to take control (management and occupation) building.

Despite hosting the command and the Arms Core PSP, the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), the Institute for Mobility and Transport (IMT), on the ground floor, and the Civil Protection Service / District Command Relief Operations (CDOS), the Directorate of Finance and the Municipal Assembly of Beja (WITH), on the first floor, the old building of the Civil Government, It does not have an institution that manages the facilities, nor guarantees security.

Space is visited daily by hundreds of citizens moving to IMT, SEF and PSP, however, the building has no public toilets and people have to move to a cafe or else the Public Garden, a mais de 400 meters away.

The building does not have any kind of security and each of the six institutions that there cohabit can "get the key to the door" or close them at any time, without having to account to anyone. They all have private bathrooms for use of its staff and a cleaning maid who does the work for the institution to which it is connected.

The building is owned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAY), does anyone make the inner or exterior maintenance of the same. There are areas without lights, walls full of ink and saltpeter, abandoned carpets in the hallways and exterior walls falling apart.

The District of PSP Command and the Municipality of Beja share the same opinion: "The building should be the seat of all units of the Police".

The PSP besides occupying, with several services, the building of the former Civil Government, It has leased the former elementary school Salvador, that paid almost 3.000 Euro rent / month to the municipality, which are among other the Criminal Investigation and Traffic and the Police Station, which are located around 300 meters Command.

A visit to the region of the Secretary of State for Internal Affairs, Isabel Oneto, Superintendent Glory Days, Commander PSP, He has already announced that "the police are available to receive the entire building". Within a few days the PSP will go to dispose of the old Ministry of Labor of the facilities that worked in that space.

The PSP to leave the old school, allowed the Civil Protection / CDOS, a SEF is an IMT, to gain that space, while the Director of Finance could occupy the building that for many years was the headquarters of the Bank of Portugal, in Beja.

When Lidador News (LN), Glory Days stated that "management was easier. Allowed to work and guarantee the safety of space, plus a rational distribution of all corporate valences ", justified.

The commander of the PSP, added that the use of the Main Hall, by the City Council or any other institution "was warranted because it is the city space with greater dignity to receive certain types of ceremonies and events", held.

The president of the Chamber of Beja, Paul Arsenio, He argued that "dignity is a great building that should receive the PSP, besides allowing better management ", showing availability of the local authority to "help resolve the matter", concluded.

by mail, LN put several questions to the MAI on the situation, to which got no response.

Teixeira Correia


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