Evora / Beja: Arrested five people and seized cocaine, heroin and hashish.

Held in Évora and Beja five individuals for drug trafficking. In Beja, in the Biscayan Street, It was seized and towed a vehicle from one of the dealers.

In the process under research for drug trafficking, on 18 October 2018, Complex elements of the Police Criminal Investigation PSP Évora, They complied with 5 search warrants and home arrest, in the cities of Évora and Beja.

According to the PSP, operation resulted in the arrest of five men, aged between 27 and 36 years and a woman, about 25 years, for possession and trafficking of drugs.

During the searches were seized 288 doses of cocaine, 481 doses of heroin and 503 of hashish, the amount of 1.624 Euro money and various objects related to drug trafficking.

They were also seized two weapons, a shotgun and a pistol 6,35 mm, several high-powered cars, one of which in Beja, in the Biscayan Street, which was towed by PSP Beja at the request of the counterpart of Évora, responsible for research.

The detainees were presented to the Criminal Instruction Judge of Évora, and three men and a woman will await trial in custody.

Teixeira Correia


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