Higher education: WITHOUT ANY PLACEMENT IPBeja the 3rd phase. there were 276 vacancies.

According to the results of the 3rd phase of the National Competition Access to Higher Education 2018, published by the General Directorate of Higher Education, NOT PLACED any student at the Polytechnic Institute of Beja.

Until the second phase, institution was placed 255 students from a total of 531 vacancies, in other words, 48%. Compared to the numbers of 2017/2018, which were placed in IPBeja 293 students, there has been a decrease in 38 placements 2018/2019.

The IPBeja is the only institute in the country where they were not placed any students in the 3rd stage of the competition, followed by Cávado and Ave and 4, this due to the small number of vacancies that had to occupy and take with 7 (CNAcesso_3.ª-2 fase_Comunicado_2018_final).

On the total occupancy rate of vacancies in 2018/ 2019, the IPBeja reached 48% (vacancies: 531 and enrollment: 255), number greater than only with Bragança 44,2% (vacancies: 2003 and enrollment: 886), Taking follows with 53% (vacancies: 500 and enrollment: 265), the guard with 54,9% (vacancies: 699 and enrollment: 384) and with Portalegre 55,5% (vacancies: 537 and enrollment: 298).

With numbers to "skim" the totality of occupation openings are the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon with 99,9%, the Port with 99,1% and the C√°vado and Ave with 98,8%.

By comparing the years 2017/2018 and 2018/2019, the IPBeja is fifth with the greatest variation and the second negative, with less 38 placements, immediately after the Portalegre less 19.

The Polytechnic Institute of C√°vado and Ave achieved more 34 placements in the previous year, followed by the more Coimbra 12 and the take over 4.

In the table background are the Polytechnic of Lisbon (less 109) and Porto (less 108), mercy of cutting jobs in favor of the interior, emerging after the Guard under 105 placements, Bragança less 64 and less Santarem 58.

Teixeira Correia


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