Higher education: Settings in the 2nd phase IPBeja. land had 119 vacancies, only 4 placements.

The Government through the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, released the results of the 2nd Phase of the National Competition for Access to Higher Education 2018 and that can meet the Lidador News.

No Polytechnic Institute of Beja (IPBeja) 2nd Phase of the tender, there 362 vacancies, having been placed 106 students, which means a total occupancy 29,28 %. In the three courses of Agricultural School, there 119 vacancies, but they have only been placed 4 students.

With regard to the Polytechnic Institute of Beja (IPBeja) there 362 vacancies (Copy-1 cna18_2f_resultados), more 96 than 2017, having been placed 106 students, less 9 than in the previous year, which means a total occupancy 29,28%.

Featured, another year and a phase, for the negative ESAgr√°ria, that "only had interest” of 4 students, who joined the 5 1st phase, to the 119 vacancies that existed.

Let's look at the vacancies, placements and places to occupy the four IPBeja accommodation:

Agrarian School (4 courses: 119 vacancies / 4 placed / 115 remaining p / 3rd phase): Agronomy: 45 (vacancies), 2 (placed) and 43 (surplus); Environmental Engineering: 25 (vacancies), 0 (placed) and 25 (surplus), Science and Technology Food: 24 (vacancies), 2 (placed) and 22 (surplus) e tecnologías Bioanalíticas: 25 (vacancies), 0 (placed) and 25 (surplus).

School of Education (3 courses: 63 vacancies / 44 placed / 19 remaining p / 3rd phase): Social Service: 25 (vacancies), 24 (placed) and 1 (surplus); Sports: 21 (vacancies), 20 (placed) and 1 (surplus) and Basic Education: 17 (vacancies), 0 (placed) and 17 (surplus).

Of Technology and Management School (6 courses: 155 vacancies / 50 placed / 105 remaining p / 3rd phase): Solicitors (education system the distance): 18 (vacancies), 8 (placed) and 10 (surplus); Computer Engineering: 44 (vacancies), 7 (placed) and 37 (surplus); Business management: 38 (vacancies), 9 (placed) and 29 (surplus); Solicitors: 9 (vacancies), 9 (placed) and 0 (surplus); Tourism: 17 (vacancies), 17 (placed) and 0 (surplus) and Business Management (after working time): 29 (vacancies), 0 (placed) and 29 (surplus).

School of Health Sciences (2 courses: 25 vacancies / 8 placed / 17 remaining p / 3rd phase): Occupational Therapy: 22 (vacancies), 5 (placed) and 17 (surplus) and Nursing: 3 (vacancies), 3 (placed) and 0 (surplus).

As placed vacancies competed in stage They are released on 4 October on the website of the General Directorate of Higher Education (http://www.dges.gov.pt). A candidacy The third stage of the procedure is displayed between 4 and 8 October through the online system, available on the website of DGES (http://www.dges.gov.pt).

When a higher education institution decides to open the third stage of the competition, yet fixed the number of vacancies, equal to or less than the surplus jobs in the second phase plus the spaces not occupied by the students placed at this stage who did not undergo registration and enrollment.

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