EDIA: More than 1,26 million was the debt of the Alqueva irrigators at the end of 2017.

Although the accounts are in the red, the Enterprise Development and Infrastructure of the Alqueva (EDIA) I had to receive the closing of accounts 2017, more than 1,268 million of irrigators Alqueva.

According to data provided, the Lidador News (LN), the administration of EDIA, in 31 December 2017, the company had receivables 327 amount to irrigators 1.268.302,81 euros, debts relating to the supply of water from alqueva.

For campaign 2018 it is us 22 perimeters of irrigation Alqueva, we 120 hectares of structured area, 80% the area is entered a total of 1.479 irrigators.

There irrigators debt outstanding since the year 2010, amounting to 11.604,99 euros, cases that have already been instructed to tax enforcement. According to the information provided by edia, the company "as creditor entity recognized by the Tax Authority and Customs, initiated 263 Tax Foreclosure procedures between 2014 e 2018”.

When questioned by LN on how many borrowers are Portuguese entrepreneurs and how many are foreign company chaired by José Carlos Salema explained that "has no form, It is not within its competence to determine the origin of the capital of existing companies ", adding that the "overwhelming majority of NIF's are Portuguese", concluded.

Despite the lack of payment, during the contract period which is one year, "EDIA never suspended the supply to any farmer", justifying what can happen one of two situations: "The farmer has a debt of the previous year and not made new contract or negotiated a payment plan and then approved by the Board of Directors, returns to be made a new contract for the following year ", remataram.

The administration of edia also stated that "does not require bank guarantees with regard to water supply contracts"

To say that the price of water is fixed by joint order of the Ministries of Agriculture, Environment and Finance, but in a recent interview with "Mad Money", President EDIA, José Pedro Salema, He said that "water will have to follow the rise in energy prices".

The president of the Association of Owners and novel Beneficiaries of Alqueva (APBA), João Rodrigues Cavaco, He said "ignore the situation altogether and be the first time I heard of such a", adding that "there has not been any working meeting with EDIA", justified.

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