EDIA: Company offers Aptitude Letter to Irrigation.

Edia has already Available in your site Fitness letter to the Irrigation, available in its Geographical data http://www.edia.pt/pt/o-que-fazemos/apoio-ao-agricultor/dados-alqueva/222

This letter presents the fitness classification by the irrigation system USBR (United States Bureau of Reclamation) which is based on the principle that the land in order to be benefited from irrigation must have the capacity to pay common charges, exploration; of development; of farmer compensation, and irrigation water.

This way, Fitness the class expresses the degree of fitness for irrigation, according to their physical characteristics (texture, depth, topography and drainage) and chemical (organic matter content, pH, Bases and Exchange Capacity), leading to a set of economic results, ranging from the best, class 1 High or fitness, to the class 6 or Total Disability.

This study was conducted in 2003, by the then Institute of Rural Development and Hydraulics, IDRHa (Current DGADR - Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development), for a total area of 190.000 He has, of which were classified 121.500 ha as suitable for irrigation (classes 1 a 4).

Para of, They were opened and characterized a series of profiles, having been carried out its description and physical-chemical analysis. This letter is published to scale 1:25 000.

This initiative, EDIA continues the free availability of decision aid tools for agricultural investments of farmers.

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