Distinction: Air Force Aeronautical Merit Medal awarded to Commander Rui Nabeiro

The Honorable Manuel Rui Azinhais Nabeiro, He received the Aeronautical Merit Medal 1st Class, awarded by the Portuguese Air Force, in a ceremony held on Saturday, in the Main Hall of the Municipality of Campo Maior.
According to the electronic newspaper CampomaiorNews, the award presented by the Portuguese Air Force was delivered by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Manuel Teixeira Roll, a simple ceremony, to which is associated, in addition to the entities involved, family and friends Comendador Rui Nabeiro.
The Aeronautical Merit Medal is a Portuguese military medal, created 11 October 1985, which is intended to reward the military and civilian, national or foreign, what, the technical and professional capacity, disclose high competence, extraordinary performance and relevant personal qualities, contributing significantly to the efficiency, prestige and fulfillment of the mission of the Portuguese Air Force.
The imposition of the award ceremony, General Teixeira Roll referred to Rui Nabeiro as an example of life, that family level professional, reasons that led to the award of this decoration. The President of the Ground Greater Municipality, Ricardo Pinheiro, recognizing the importance of the moment emphasized “the joy of the people of Campo Maior” and stated that “the work and the life model Comendador Rui Nabeiro, They are an absolute inspiration”.
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