Forgetfulness: Fifth accident ore trucks from Aljustrel.

Five accidents ore trucks already caused seven injured. The latter was loaded to a truck and to an increase. The driver may have fallen asleep.

seven injured, four of whom were incarcerated and were transported to the ER, It is the result of five accidents involving heavy vehicles Spanish registration of goods that make the ore transport of Aljustrel mines to the mining complex of Huelva.

All accidents occurred on National Road (IN) 122, two before Mértola and the other three after after spending the Alentejo town, and four were put off and a bump.

The last accident occurred on Wednesday, cerca the 13,00 hours, the north / south direction, 500 meters after the bridge of the Basque Ribeira, the connection between Mértola and Vila Real de Santo António, already in the Algarve municipality of Alcoutim.

The driver suffered minor injuries, but it makes the device misdirection, initially there was suspicion that the individual could be at risk of life, having been triggered Helicopter INEM, parked in Loulé, It turned out to be demobilized.

Excessive speed and possible driver's drowsiness have been the source of the accident, as the car was loaded with ore and initiated a climb, was the berm after returning to the road eventually roll over.

On site were 17 operating of Alcoutim Fire, INEM, GNR, supported by five vehicles and air means. Traffic was conditioned for several hours in EN122.

Teixeira Correia


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