Delta Cafés: It is the brand with the best reputation in Portugal, the second year.

With a score of 83,30 (in 100), Delta Cafes holds the title of most reputable brand in Portugal.

Already last year, the coffee brand had conquered the top of the Global Pulse RepScore, ranking by OnStrategy. Only a dozen brands reach the level of excellence , and Delta Cafés the first Portuguese company to achieve the first position in the ranking in absolute terms.

Here are Hello, Nestle, National Football Team, WhatsApp, Mimosa, Good views, YouTube, Luso and Lego.

Altogether, Portuguese are five brands in the top 10, which represents an increase over the 2018 - when only Delta Cafes and Vista Alegre appeared in first place. This change leads to OnStrategy to say that the Portuguese elect more and more national brands.

The consultant also indicates that there is more insignia achieve robust reputational indices (between 70 and 80 points). In this year's ranking, 111 Portuguese and foreign brands have achieved this level, which contrast with the 61 of 2018.

Pedro Tavares, Concept e CEO to OnStrategy, justifies this reputational improvement in performance with the positive cycle that the Portuguese economy through, «Being such reflected by the performance of institutional and commercial brands operating in Portugal».

Besides, 'Improving national reputation indicators, citizens tend to value brands that most concerns their hearts and nationalism, provided that the exposure to risk is small crises ».

by sector, this year's study reveals that Food and Beverage is the one with better results, with five marks on the level of excellence (more than 80 points). Also noteworthy Technology, Toys, Sports and Industrial Products. On the other hand, most lack of consumer goes to the sectors of Sports Betting, Insurance and Construction and Engineering.

Down, See which brands with the best reputation in each sector:

Food and Beverage - Delta, Technology - WhatsApp, Industrial property - Vista Alegre, Sports - National Football Team, Car - Michelin, Retail General - Ikea, Health & Wellness - Champalimaud Foundation, Consumer Packaged Goods - L'Oréal, Media - RFM, Food Retail - McDonald's, Tourism and Leisure - Pestana, Energia - Galp, Mobility - Via Verde, Credit Cards - Visa, Toys - Lego, Pharmaceutical - Novartis, Insurance - Fidelity, Telecommunications - Vodafone, consulting, Audit and Legal Services - Deloitte, Sports Betting - Santa Casa, Bank - Santander Totta, Retail Textile - Levi's, Luxury goods - Rolex, Aviation - TAP, Logistics Services - CTT, Legal Services and Advocacy - Vieira de Almeida & Construction and Engineering - Teixeira Duarte.

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