Cuba: judgment 12 charged with drug trafficking. Nine men three women.

It begins today in Beja Court trial of twelve people, nine men and three women. Most of the defendants resides in Cuba, where the operation of the GNR had higher incidence. Four are in custody.

The accused aged between 18 and 35 year old, They are accused of a drug trafficking offense. Two of the defendants are also charged with a counterfeit crossing crime. Three of the twelve accused have criminal records for drugs and thefts.

On 21 January 2018, GNR made thirteen-six house searches in vehicles, that were seized, Besides 430 doses of cocaine, 268 doses of hashish, 12 doses sheets and a cannabis plant, nove doses of MDMA, next to 3.000 euros in cash, 3.580 euros in counterfeit notes, 2 computers, 23 mobile phones, five knives and two digital scales.

The core group was located in Cuba, where nine of the defendants reside, who moved to various locations to purchase drugs, having also two of the accused that functioned as "scouts" in that location access roads, in order to check for GNR patrols along the way to go.

In order for the charge that JN had access, MP argues that, months before, the accused Marco G., acquired 250 false notes 20 euros, no value 5.000 euro "in order to put them in circulation in Cuba village". When holding the military found in the accused's home 3.580 euros in counterfeit notes, the remaining 1.420 euros "would have been spent in the local market".

The four defendants arrested on the order of records in Prison Beja, asked pre-trial opening to avoid the trial and get a change of coercive measures which are subject, but the Judge of Criminal considered to remain together all the prosecution's assumptions for trial, and Probation.

Teixeira Correia


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