Covid-19: Infarmed prohibits distribution of kits used in tests in the region.

Infarmed has banned the distribution of some of the kits that are already being used in Portugal to carry out Covid-19 screening tests.. The kits are the ones used by the teams of Centro ABC – Algarve Biomedical Center testing for CIMBAL.

The medicine authority has doubts about the evidence of safety and performance of the equipment and, for this reason, refused to give a positive opinion until those questions are answered.

According to the Observer, will have been distributed 48 thousand kits to be tested on Covid-19 in nursing homes and day care centers. The kits were manufactured in Portugal and distributed without mandatory opinion. Infarmed has doubts about security and banned them until they had answers.

The consortium that distributes the kits ensures that the equipment is safe and has been properly tested, although the report of this assessment was only delivered to Infarmed almost a month after the kits started being distributed to research centers.

The Minister of Health justified that "the fact that the regulatory authorities that certain articles are not in a position to be commercialized does not mean that they are not in a position to be used in tests", Marta Temido added that “one thing is testing and another is introducing it to the market, hence the role of Infarmerd. They are different things ”, finished.

These kits are used in the district of Beja and the operationalization of the Program in Baixo Alentejo is ensured by an extended partnership, counting on CIMBAL, the District Center of the Social Security Institute, the Local Health Unit of the Lower Alentejo, the Health Authority, the District and Municipal Civil Protection Commissions and the Higher School of Health of the Polytechnic Institute of Beja, under the coordination of the Assistant Secretary of State for National Defense, Jorge Sanches Insurance.

Last day 11 May, CIMBAL revealed that since the day 26 April 2020 that ABC Center teams – Algarve Biomedical Center have been conducting tests on COVID 19 to users and employees of homes in Baixo Alentejo, through the Preventive Testing Program in Lares do Baixo Alentejo. So far more than a thousand tests have been carried out on different infrastructures and luckily all of them have been negative.. This is a project that will cover all ERPI’s and LR in Baixo Alentejo, totaling 65 equipments.

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