Almodovar: The Alentejo Henrique Casimiro wins Award of Torres Vedras.

“Fulfill the promise of my life”, said Henrique Casimiro crying, after finishing the stage in High Montejunto, which he got the win in the Grand Prix of Torres Vedras / Trophy Joaquim Agostinho.

The corridor, of 33 year old, natural Almodovar, He achieved the most important victory of his career as a professional, started in 2009, ao conquistar o Grande Prémio de Torres Vedras/ Troféu Joaquim Agostinho, after being second in the standings last year and third in 2013.

In the year that finished third at the Top of the wind farm in Carvoeira, Henrique Casimiro, drove up to the podium when he received the sad news that his wife Sylvie, a risk of childbirth, lost daughter. The Alentejo corridor, He called it “starlet” e prometeu que haveria de ganhar o Grande PrĂ©mio de Torres Vedras/ TrofĂ©u Joaquim Agostinho e ontem concretizou a sua promessa.

Last year Henrique Casimiro won Atop Montejunto getting his first win as a professional after another Alentejo, This Evora, José Fernandes. This year the roles were reversed, Fernando having triumphed in step and Casimiro in General, tornando-se no terceiro alentejano a vencer o Grande Prémio de Torres Vedras/ Troféu Joaquim Agostinho, after Rui Duro, Campo Maior, by Good Snack / Tavira, I have won in 1989, There 30 year old.

“I fulfill the promise I made six years ago, when my “starlet” left. This is the most important race for me, more than the Tour of Portugal. I am very happy. Now I can leave today”, Henrique Casimiro said to cry to think of “starlet” and pointing to the sky. The Almodovar corridor living in Boavista dos Pinheiros (Odemira) He is the father of two boys, Diogo , of 4 year old, who was in the final podium to accompany the parent, and Duarte, of 1 year.

Henrique Casimiro started running hon 20 year old, in Sports Almodovarense, in the company of his godson and friend Daniel Master and always made the same journey on a bicycle, with the exception of the season where Casimiro was in EFAPEL and Master was for W52 / FC Porto. Pechão (Olhão), Alpiarça eagles, Tavira, first as amateur and then as professionals and for three years at EFAPEL (Ovar).


Henrique Casimiro (Efapel)- 1 victory 2019

(22-04-86*33 Almodovar years * * Prof.: 2009*Win up 2018: 1)

victories: 0-2009 (Palmeiras Resort / Prio / Tavira), 0-2010 (Palmeiras Resort / Prio), 0-2011 (Tavira / Prio), 0-2012 (Carmine / Prio), 0-2013 (Banco Bic / Crimson / Tavira), 0-2014 (Banco Bic / Crimson / Tavira), 0-2015 (Team Tavira), 0-2016 (Efapel), 0-2017 (Efapel), 1-2018 (Efapel: 5Step th Grand Prix of Torres Vedras / Montejunto)

Estrada National Championship: 13Âș 2019

National Championship Time Trial:

Ranking UCI / World: 403Âș 2018

Ranking UCI/Europe Tour: 223Âș 2018

Ranking Cup of Portugal / Game Santa Casa: 7Âș Final 2019

Liberty Seguros Trophy: 71Âș Final 2018

APCP-Cyclist Ranking Year: 11Âș Final 2018

victories (1): Grand Prix of Torres Vedras / Trophy Joaquim Agostinho

other results (TOP TEN): 9General thereof in G.P. Borders and Serra da Estrela, 3Âș in Classical Schist Villages / Cup Matches Portugal Santa Casa, 6In 1st Step No., 5Âș in Stage 2 and 6 in the Trophy General "The Game", 3Th in the Grand Prix Anicolor, 10Âș no Prologue, 4Âș in Stage 4 Grand Prix News Journal (JN), 6Âș no Prologue, 9In 1st Step No., 2No. 2 in Step 2 and Step 3 in the Grand Prix Vedras / Trophy Joaquim Augustine

secondary ratings: Winner G.P Mountain. Borders and Serra da Estrela, Winner of the Mountain Grand Prix Anicolor, Winner of the points and the Great Mountain Prize of Torres Vedras / Trophy Joaquim Agostinho

Back to Alentejo 2019: 29Âș in the Individual General

G.P. Borders and Serra da Estrela 2019: 9Âș in the Individual General, 1Âș in the Mountain and 4th in Flywheels Goals

G.P. Torres Vedras / Trophy Joaquim Agostinho 2018: 2Th in the Individual General, 1No. 2 and points in the Mountain

Volta a Portugal 2018: 10Âș in the Individual General, 22Th in points, 34No. 14 in the Mountain and Kombinado

  • * Tour of the Algarve- Top Rated: 37Âș 2018 (Efapel)
  • * Back to Alentejo- Top Rated: 24Âș 2018 (Efapel)
  • * G.P.Torres Vedras- Top Rated: 1Âș 2019 (Efapel)

Tour history to Portugal (7): 7Âș 2016- EFAPEL and 2017- Efapel, 10Âș 2018- Efapel, 23Âș 2013- Banco Bic / Crimson / Tavira, 37Âș 2011- Tavira / Prio, 48Âș 2012– Carmine / Prio and 58 in 2014- Banco Bic / Crimson / Tavira,

Teixeira Correia


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