Castro Verde: Youth convicted in Beja for fraud and rape of friend.

A young friend that forces the sexual practices after they have passed by friend, He was sentenced to four years in prison and a compensation 7.500 euros.

A passion for best friend, with which it wished to maintain relations sexual nature, We took a young man to create a fake profile on social networks "facebook" and Skype ", with which assumed the personality of a third person, a common friend and classmate, It ended with the practice of sex crime of fraud in the person of four young.

At the material time, which began in 2013, in Castro Verde, everyone involved had 15 years and attended the same educational establishment that Alentejo town. Only one of the five elements molested, “Whom” (fictitious name), She complained and made an assistant.

In the trial stage the judge found to have also existed violation, which led to the accused was yesterday convicted of a Collective Court in the Criminal Court of Beja, a prison sentence of four years in prison, for a crime of rape and other sexual fraud, suspended for the same period and to compensation of 7.500 euros.

Assuming the character of "Isabel", Francisco Ramos convinced “Whom” to go to sleep in your home where you would be partner to have sex with him, by fulfilling some "imposed" conditions for the girl. So, the victim had to lie in bed and could not speak, see or touch the "Isabel", so I had to use a swimming goggles / diving painted black and have their hands tied behind his head, what that acceded.

In your room and after realizing that his friend was duly blindfolded and handcuffed, leave the room in order to "go draw Isabel". returning after, undressed her clothes, He grabbed his penis and introduced it into his mouth repeatedly. After raping his friend out of the room and while returning, He said the young man "had already left the room".

In June 2014, feeling humiliated and offended, “Whom” I wanted to end with visits to the "Isabel", which led to Francis that threaten the publish on social networks the photos and videos that had done during the acts with friend.

For fear of the impact of the case in a small half as Castro Verde, “Whom” acceded to blackmail Francisco and was forced to other practices such as the introduction in pens anus, glue tubes and cables toilet brushes (piaçabas).

Tired of being vexed by the "Isabel" decided to go home to the young mother in the front, confront the girl with the humiliation that had been suffering. That's when the real Isabel confessed not to know that "sexual games" your friend “Whom” He spoke and she was required to do.

Participation was made to GNR, having been during the investigation established that four youths were targeted by the lustful desires of Francisco, but they did not wish to complain, however having been heard as witnesses during the trial.


Francisco Ramos, was sentenced 3 years and 8 months in prison for a crime of rape and 9 months in prison for a crime of sexual fraud, which resulted in a legal accumulation of 4 years in prison, suspended the execution for the same period, subject to probation and submit to medical appointments evaluation in the area of ​​clinical sexology and comply with treatment.


The accused have to pay monthly to the assistant the minimum amount of 100 euros over the period of the suspension of the sentence on account of damages 7.500 euros, more arrears, that was also sentenced.


True Isabel, who had already testified in court, yesterday attended the reading of the judgment after hearing the magistrate said that the accused was not arrested, She bursts into tears and shouted various insults against Francisco for using their identity and soiled his name.

Teixeira Correia


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