Campo Maior: Official website of the tourist complex ADAENS now online.

Tourist complex ADAENS already have the official website is now online. An open window to the new bet of Nabeiro-Delta Cafés Group.

An experience of the size of your dreams. This is the phrase that characterizes the new bet of Nabeiro-Delta Cafés Group, This complex ADAENS, and which also serves as a signature for the newly launched website that unit.

In You can get to know the space to detail, the different valences and book your stay.

As regards the signature accompanying the unit logo, ADAENS is a land of aromatic dreams. The new bet of Nabeiro Group in the tourism industry not only fulfills this promise as offers visitors an unforgettable experience at various levels.

In the unmistakable landscape of Alentejo countryside and Spain in line of sight, ADAENS deserves a long and attentive visit. While this visit does not happen, it is possible to get to know in virtual form the complex located in the municipality of Campo Maior, appreciably 3 kilometers from Adega Mayor.

The drive site, in, find all the useful information and necessary. Since the various types of accommodation to the restaurant "Market Kitchen", passing through many experiences that the complex proposes whom remain there or go there.

Accompanied by evocative images, the official page of ADAENS allows visitors peek the interior of the suites, carriages, boats and bungalows, biological and conventional pools, the educational farm, the workshop of the honey and the Nature Interpretation Center, Honey and Biodiversity, among other points of interest.

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