Campo Maior: Prevention of olive theft

Since the beginning of the olive harvesting campaign 2016/17, only in the Campo Maior county, the military GNR already recovered more than 10.000 kilos which were stolen in the olive groves that municipality.

field-maoir-estradas_800x800Attentive to this scourge, and in order to provide for these thefts and continuing concerns made public at the last meeting of the Municipal Council Security, the Field House Higher, decided to condition the car access to roads (IN) and municipal roads (CM).

Until the next day 18 February 2017, V CM's 1109, 1114 and 1115 e a Estrada do Carrasco, They have conditional access, except vehicles of resident farmers and service providers.

In order to use the road referred to, the owners of the vehicles involved in picking and olive trade, They must apply for a permit, reasoned, at City Hall.

Field municipal source Major explained that the decision "comes as a measure of olive theft prevention".

When Lidador News (LN), Lieutenant Colonel Belchior Territorial Command spokesman Portalegre (CTP) da GNR, revealed that since the beginning of the campaign, early November, Field municipality Major "was the participation of 11 thefts, They were recovered 10.261 kilos of olives, 8 people were arrested and 7 identified ", justified.

The official added that "the Guard is in the fields attentive to this scourge and seeks to reduce thefts and losses of farmers", finished.

The situation is so alarmingly that farmers in the district of Portalegre have gathered, at the headquarters of olive growers Association of Elvas Region (AORE), where they discussed the olive theft in the region.

Segundo and NOT, one of the main associations of the country in the sector, although in the beginning "in this campaign thefts in Elvas and Campo Maior olive groves have reached high proportions", justified.

Teixeira Correia


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