Campo Maior: diplomas delivery to trainees in CIPGCRN.

Takes place next Wednesday, in Campo Maior, the ceremony of diplomas to 51 graduates qualifies Center functioning at the International Center for Graduate Comendador Rui

The International Center for Graduate Comendador Rui Nabeiro (CIPGCRN), recognized 2017 Qualifies as Center, Delivery diplomas 51 adults, on the last year, They finished their courses of basic training and / or secondary.

The diploma ceremony is scheduled for 11:00 am, Wednesday 6 March, in the auditorium CIPGCRN.

The Qualifies Program is involved in education and training of adults and young people NEET, contributing to the increase in the skill levels of the population and improving the employability of individuals.

Those interested in investing in a better future, can sign up through the internet, information over the phone 268699200 or go to CIPGCRN facilities, on Avenida António Sérgio no number, 7370-090 Campo Maior.

The International Center for Graduate Comendador Rui Nabeiro offers a diversified offer, being possible, depending on the profile and experience, School carry out a process RVCS, Professional or Dual Certification (Educational and Vocational) during working hours or after work.


The CIPGCRN - integral unit Nabeiro Group РDelta Caf̩s, It was created in 2005 and it is entirely dedicated to the formation of Nabeiro Group employees and even the creation of training offered to customers and the community in general. The CIPGCRN is certified by the General Directorate of Employment and Labor Relations (DGERT) for training in various fields.

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