Campo Maior: Delta Cafes appointed as the CGTP “Sample territorial cohesion”.

CGTP points as Delta Cafes “Sample territorial cohesion”, holding that Portugal Arménio Carlos continuous “his back to the inside”.

The secretary general of the CGTP regrets that the country is back to back inland and wants to draw attention of the government on the importance and urgency of proposals to combat desertification.
Arménio Carlos, Speaking to Radio Portalegre after a visit to the factory of Delta Cafes, in Campo Maior, He said that now is the time to invest within the country, under the penalty, in five or ten years, be too late for those regions which have long suffer from depopulation and desertification.
The union leader said that Delta proves that there are projects with impact to meet the interior of the problems and shows that investing in this area of ​​the country can monetize other projects and give more social and territorial cohesion in Portugal.
Attract investment and strengthen public services are, second Arménio Carlos, the first steps to develop the inland regions.
The secretary general of the CGTP visited Delta Cafes rights under the campaign "Enhancing the Work for Portugal with a Future".
Source: Carla Aguiã / Radio Portalegre
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