Campo Maior: Adega Mayor celebrates the arrival of summer Open House.

The Adega Mayor, Family of Nabeiro, Open House today to welcome the summer celebrating a Mayor Day.

In a special programming event and free entry, Adega Mayor opens its doors as early as 7 hours and calls for an early morning in Flight captive balloon, opening the way to the beautiful Alentejo plains of Campo Maior.
Still morning, 10:00 am, it's time to discover a "Perspective Mayor", moments that reveal the corners of the first author cellar in Portugal, creation by the architect Siza Vieira, a photography workshop. then, to 12 hours, opened the workshop Wine Spa, an introduction to the world of wine through a journey into the world of aromas. For the youngest is scheduled a Bottle Painting session, where the bottles assume the role of a blank screen.
To 15 hours and with the sun in all its splendor, it's time for a Proof Commented, and the 17 hours, Adega Mayor invites to challenge limits experiencing a jump Negative, a guaranteed adrenaline burst and the certainty of an unforgettable experience.
By late afternoon until the going down of the sun, the invitation is to open the senses and enjoy the view on the terrace Adega Mayor, an unforgettable sunset to the sound of a DJ set dedicated to all who like to enjoy the unique and memorable moments.
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