Campo Maior: The Novadelta received the Diploma of the Conciliation Certification.

A Novadelta, the Nabeiro Group, receives certification pioneer in the area of ​​reconciliation. The Diploma of the Conciliation Certification, It was delivered by Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality.

In Reconciliation of Certification Diploma ceremony was attended by the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality (SECI), Rosa Monteiro, a Presidente do GRACE, Margarida Couto, the Director General of Bureau Veritas Portugal, Eliana Bessada, the President of Nabeiro Group - Delta Cafes, Rui Nabeiro and John Manuel Nabeiro Administrator Nabeiro Group - Delta Cafes.

"We are pleased and proud to receive this award that recognizes the best practices of Nabeiro Group, governed always by solid values ​​and human principles. This certificate also attests to the effort and the good daily work of our professionals who guarantee our customers, more than 50 year old, the exceptional quality and reliability that characterizes us. We intend in the future to continue to work with conviction to improve more and better ", He stressed João Manuel Nabeiro, Administrator Nabeiro Group - Delta Cafes.

A Novadelta, Nabeiro Group unit responsible for roasting, packaging and marketing of coffee, It is the first Portuguese company to receive the certificate for Reconciliation Area, attesting to the importance and management of working life, family and personal, awarded by Bureau Veritas, the world's leading authority in compliance and certification processes.

This certification recognizes the good Novadelta practices in the management of Conciliation, in the design, development, production and marketing of coffee and substitutes.

The focus on quality, innovation and proximity, always promoting the general well-being of employees and the need to support families, It has always been a priority for the company, offering different services on behalf of employees, as the Educational Center Alice Nabeiro for children, among other partnerships.

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