Buzinão: In defense of the opening of the A26 section and construction of IP8.

Serpa linking the roundabout of the future section of the A26, north of Figueira Knights (Ferreira do Alentejo), passing through Beja, about fifty cars participated in buzinão the opening of the A26 section and in defense of IP8.

Fifty million euros invested in 10 kilometers of tar and two years after being completed, continuous closed to transit the connecting portion A26 of Fig tree riders, in Ferreira do Alentejo county to A2 of the node South Grândola, which led to today was carried out buzinão to demand its opening.

Along with this requirement, road rally aimed also require the completion of IP8 the works that should make the connection between Sines and Vila Verde Ficalho, on the border with Spain.

The initiative was the Director of the Organization Beja (Dorbe) do PCP, and was attended by the deputy district, João Dias, and intended to join civil society in the different areas of passage, Serpa access the A26, in order to achieve better accessibility to the region.

The demonstration started at 09,30 hours at the Fair Park, Serpa, then went through some of the streets of Beja and Ferreira do Alentejo "to gather protesters and ended in access to the roundabout access to the A26, which is closed, about participated 50 Car.

In a working meeting with the mayors of the district, held on 12 Feb., the then Minister of Planning and Infrastructure, Pedro Marques, explained that the section of the IP8 / A26 "is complete for two years, but that is not used for lack of redesign of the plaza toll, by the breeze, the utility of the work. The minister revealed that "Portugal Infrastructure (IP) He notified the dealership that has to restart the works to 14 March, under penalty of the IP to complete the square tolls ", which so far has not been forthcoming.

At the time Pedro Marques, said that the National Program for Investments (PNI) provided "a road link in IP profile, two tracks for each side, between Santa Margarida do Sado (Ferreira do Alentejo) to Beja ", justifying that the Government considered to be "one of the investments to enhance the capital district and the area in general", concluded.

Highway that exists

To make the connection between Beja and Grandola A2-South Node, it is necessary to go about 55 kilometers, having to go through the towns of Beringel (Beja) and Figueira Knights and Santa Margarida do Sado (both in Ferreira do Alentejo county), by a National Road 121, very bumpy through the massive trafficking in Spain heavy goods to Lisbon and Sines and vice versa, Apart from that it causes delay.

To open the highway between the roundabout and the Civil Terminal Beja, the city gates, the route was shortened by about 15 kilometers, of which would result in great savings of time, by reducing the distance and better track quality.

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