Fight: Car stolen by people linked to the trafficking and consumption of drugs.

Car of Borba Firefighters located in the district of Badajoz, connoted with drug trafficking. The GNR follows the trail of drug dealers and drug users, as the probable theft of authors.

A vehicle designed to transport patients (VDTD) stolen from the barracks parade of Fire Borba Volunteers on Thursday at dawn, It was located on the evening of the same day in the neighborhood of Colorines, do next Industrial Estate "The Snowfield", em Badajoz (Spain).

The GNR and the Local Police of Badajoz (PLB) investigate the author's connection or theft of the authors trafficking and drug consumption, as the neighborhood where the car was found is known as the "Supermarket for Drugs", where they are moving many Portuguese traders to purchase drugs, which are intended to supply the regions of Lisbon and SetĂşbal.

Has learned the JN, cerca the 22,00 hours of Thursday, a Field Greater citizen that went to "El Nevero" to fuel your car, You will have seen the car in the neighborhood and communicated to the fire raiana village, who informed the GNR, but by now the military Borba followed this track.

Located VDTD, the same was in the custody of PLB and yesterday morning (Friday) It was towed to the police stations where they were made and evidence gathering skills to reach those who perpetrated the theft.

The Lidador News (LN) learns the source of the Territorial Command of Évora GNR that "the car was delivered at the border Badajoz / Elvas, in Fall, through the center of police and customs cooperation (CCPA)", justified. On delivery of the vehicle to the Commander of Borba Fire, were elements of the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), GNR, Guardia Civil and Local Police of Badajoz.

In his facebook page, the Borba Firefighters reported that "our VDTD-5 vehicle was located in Badajoz, intact ", leaving the corporation thanking "the people, institutions and media ", the disclosure of the theft and that "made it possible to locate and recover the same", remataram.

The vehicle, It used to transport non-emergency patients, I parked in the stopping quarter, with the key in the ignition and according to the commander of the corporation, Joaquim Branco, "There are suspected to have been among the 6 e as 7 hours of Thursday ", explaining that "in the morning was detected the fault and after counting the fire service was realized that was stolen", having about the 13,00 hours or if GNR been part of Borba.

another case- 10 May 2013

An individual from the evening of that day, the barracks of the Fire Estremoz Volunteers, and stole an ambulance that eventually destroy, following a screening during the persecution initiated by the corporation itself elements.

The individual residing in Quinta do Conde, Sesimbra, eventually outwit the National Road 4, the connection between Estremoz and Arraiolos, just over 6 kilometers from the city where the theft occurred.

The destroyed car was the youngest of the corporation, which served as the rear of the ambulance INEM, and their destruction has meant a loss of 60 and 65 thousand euros, beyond the gate repair the damage which prowled 2 thousand euros.

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