Fire department: Civil Protection informs that there is no money from DECIR June.

Civil Protection does not pay in June to operational personnel involved in DECIR. “Money is lacking and firefighters are burning”, an operative told Lidador Notícias.

Firefighters from all mainland Portuguese corporations involved in the Special Rural Fire Fighting Device (TELL) 2020, will not receive payments corresponding to the work performed during the past month and June.

According to a mail to Lidador Notícias (LN) We had access, from the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC) and sent yesterday by the District Operations and Relief Commanders (CDOS) to the presidents of the District Fire Federations, presidents of the Humanitarian Associations and commanders of the Fire Departments, where “requests” are made to inform the entities that hold the Fire Departments that were part of the Device in question ”, that it is not possible “the timely processing of payments due in relation to the DECIR operational in that month”, justify.

No mail, the Authority justifies that “last June 2020, the request for reinforcement was sent to the Guardianship to face the charges with the Earth Device of June 2020 ”, pointing out as the cause “the situation caused by COVID-19, and the need to prepare a supplementary budget ”, Remata.

The document is enlightening about who will not charge for the services provided that month in DECIR 2020: “Payment of charges with the Terrestrial Device”, In other words, the firemen.

ANEPC justifies that “the allocated budget is always, sharply, lower than the needs presented ”, so in the course of each economic year, “Several requests for budget reinforcement are presented, perfectly consigned to the type of expenditure that is intended to be paid”, support.

A source of firefighters contacted by LN, referred that “before the DECIR begins, it is known how many teams are needed and the amounts are budgeted. It's not overtime, or last-minute jobs ”, discarding the justification presented by the Authority.

In the mail sent by CODIS to ANEPC it is requested that: the entities that hold the Fire Departments that were part of the Device in question are informed, of that fact, wailing, since now, the situation, since they are aware of the impact that it will have on the referred entities and on all the operational ones that integrated that device ”, not assuming a date for the settlement of the sums in question.

To Lidador Notícias a corporation operator left a strong regret: “Money is missing and firefighters are burning”, justified.

Some District Fire Federations (FDS) have already taken a public position on the situation. The Setúbal SDS “condemns” the situation, considering it as “intolerable and a lack of respect for firefighters” claiming that in addition to other faults, “There is also no budget to pay the meager and unfair subsidy attributed to the operational staff”, conclude.

Heard by Jornal do Centro, the vice-president of the District Fire Department of Viseu, Guilherme Almeida, also considers this case serious.

“In other years, towards the end of the device, in September and October, there were some delay situations. Now it's happening right at the beginning. In addition to the delay, there is already a justification from the ANEPC that says that there is no budget to make this payment, what is serious ”, declares.

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