Beja: Emergency Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital closed for the seventh time this year.

ULSBA (Hospital de Beja) temporarily without Emergency Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, the 06,00 hours Friday (16 August) until 08,00 Sunday hours (18 August). It is the sixth time this has happened since the beginning of the year.

The Hospital José Joaquim Fernandes, in Beja, is no Emergency Obstetrics and Gynecology from the 08,00 hours of yesterday to the 08,00 hours of tomorrow, what happens for the sixth time since the beginning of this year, for lack of a second physician to scale.

This service has already been closed this week, entre as 6 pm Tuesday and 8 Wednesday, for the same reason, which led to the end of Tuesday afternoon, pregnant in emergent situation had to be carried by her husband in own car, after a doctor had refused the registration of women and the consequent observation.

An hour after being admitted at the Hospital of the Holy Spirit, Evora, a 80 kilometers from the health unit Bejense, cerca the 22, 2 hours, Ana Rita gave birth, a girl, named after Joan, with 3,400 pounds.

Sunday rod, husband of the mother complained of Beja Hospital, belonging to the Health Unit Location Alentejo (ULSBA), having written complaints in the Complaints Book of two hospitals, Evora and Beja.

JN, hospital source confirmed "the receipt of the complaint in the administrative offices of ULSBA, It is handled by the Citizen's Office and over the next week sent to the Clinical Director, fitting to this data collection and information for determining liability and making any decision ", justified.

Second it was possible to determine, Sunday rod, ponders complaint with the Public Ministry, against the doctor Beja Hospital, who refused to sign up and watch his wife for "negligence

The same source added that by the end of August "the situation will not be repeated because the scales of Obstetrics and Gynecology medical services are complete", finished.

Given the controversy that the situation with Ana Rita generated, the ULSBA changed procedures and its online page states that "shall transfer to the Hospital of the Holy Spirit (Évora) of users availing of the Hospital José Joaquim Fernandes (Beja) with clinical criteria that justify / enable ", added that "in case of emergency, pregnant should call the 112 or in case of doubt 808 24 24 24 (Health 24)".

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Two more hospitals without doctors

No Alentejo, the lack of doctors is not restricted only to the hospital in Beja, since in Portalegre hospital also has Emergency Obstetrics and Gynecology since yesterday and during the end-of-week, lack of specialists.

Turn, Hospital in the Alentejo coast, in Santiago do Cacém, the problem lies elsewhere during this end-of-sema, but the cause is the same, lack of doctors. Due to lack of professional "sufficient" to fill the duty roster will not be made surgeries in the operating room, taking to the JN found, made in the hospitals of Évora and Beja.

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