Beja: Suspected food fraud takes ASAE to seize oil "biological".

ASAE “visited” producer and packager of olive oil and suspected food fraud seized 4.265 liters of oil "biological".

In an operation carried out in Beja municipality, with a producer and oil Packing, the Food and Economic Safety Authority (ASAE), by National Intelligence and Criminal Investigation Unit (UNIIC), seized 4.265 liters of oil considered as "biological".

In a statement the ASAE reveals that according to the figures provided by the operator, the value of the seized amounts to olive oil 28.100 euros, yet been established a method contravention.

The action was held in the inserted sequence notification in the System Service and Administrative Cooperation on Food-AAC System Fraud, having been detected by the inspectors of the ASAE, the lack of traceability of olive oil marketed as "Biological", no conditions are met to be considered as such.

The Authority proceeded to product sampling for analysis in order to confirm the genuineness of the product, well as to the possible presence of pesticide detection.

Teixeira Correia


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