Beja: Septuagenarian tried for five deaths in collision between car and buggy.

Three years after the accident begins to be tried in Court of Beja one septuagenarian, accused of the death of five people, following the collision between a car and a wagon.

Under tight security, begins today in Beja Court the trial of a septuagenarian, Swiss nationality, resident in Albufeira, charged with five crimes negligent homicide and negligent offense crime to physical integrity.

The case dates back to September 2015, when the Mercedes driven by J.J.Pagnard, of 77 year old, He collided with the rear of a vehicle traction animal, they were traveling in six Serrano family members, Roma, having killed his parents and three children.

The accident occurred in EN2, next to the IP2 node, access to Castro Verde Village, following an overshoot of the car that crashed into the left rear part, causing the fall and the death of five people and seriously injured a girl, the only survivor, now with 17 year old.

the clash, and at the crash site, It resulted in the immediate death of the couple, Antonio Serrano, of 35 years and Barbara Noble, of 38 year old, and two sons, Manuel Serrano, of 10 years and Tania Serrano, of 7 year old. Two hours after the accident and shortly after being admitted to the Hospital of Santa Maria, in Lisbon, died Carlos Serrano, um baby 10 months, which had been evacuated by helicopter in very serious condition, bringing to five the number of fatal collision victims.

A third vehicle was involved in the accident, whose driver was initially charged with having hit the driver of the wagon, but after the investigations would be decriminalized and the last witness, since when was trampling the victim was already dead.

After the accident, motor vehicle drivers were transported to the position of Castro Verde GNR, Posting by a team of Territorial Command Intervention Beja, which was activated to prevent any abuse of family members and friends of the victims.

The case comes to trial only three years later, since the judge to whom it was distributed the process filed the same, with the prosecutor, appealed the decision to the Évora Court of Appeal judge who ordered the septuagenarian J.J.Pagnard.

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