Beja: According to the Fire Command and Deputy Commander, they took possession.

Ant贸nio Guerreiro and Pedro Santos, They took over as 2nd Commander and Deputy Command Fire Services Beja Volunteers. Is still missing appoint another Deputy.

Command Structure of Beja Fire is almost complete with the Ant贸nio Guerreiro inauguration, as 2nd Commander and Pedro Santos, as Deputy Command (in the photo to the left and right, the commander Pedro Barahona, in the middle), is missing the appointment of the fourth element, another Assistant to the hierarchy to completion.

Since the beginning of the year, with possession of Pedro Barahona, as Chief Fireman Beja Volunteers (BVB), that Ant贸nio Guerreiro, former Deputy Command, held the position of Commander 2. there firefighter 32 years and there 11 years holds the position of Deputy Command, and with the current commander of the oldest and most experienced professionals of the Fire Department of Beja Volunteers.

Pedro Santos, It belongs to the framework of BVB for about two years as Official Firefighter, but it is also an element with great experience, since he already held the position of Commander of the Volunteer Firemen Pontinha (Lisbon).

The inauguration was presided by Machado Surrounds, President of the Directorate of Fire Beja Volunteers, which highlighted the fact that the process "have begun with the departure of Manuel Baganha and that the two appointments deserve the same confidence that the commander Pedro Barahona", adding that they will know "respect the captain and the hierarchy", concluded.

Briefly, the two sworn said they were "ready to take responsibility and rely on everyone".

Exclusively to Lidador News (LN), or commander Pedro Barahona, He added that the names of Ant贸nio Guerreiro and Pedro Santos were "proposed by me and accepted by the Direction", noting that there is still a vacancy for Deputy "to be appointed when there is the right person", concluded.

Asked to rule on the main corporation's needs, He explained that "the most pressing is the barracks that you will undergo expansion and will be purchased two new cars to combat forest fires", leaving the desire that "a complicated year fire, the check device intact at the end of the year ", finished.

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