Beja: Irrigators Alqueva are over 2 million debt to edia.

The accounts of the Enterprise Development and Infrastructure of the Alqueva (EDIA) not out of the red for several years, but the debts of Alqueva irrigators continue to increase and at the end of 2018, outweighed the 2 million.

When celebrating a water supply contract, EDIA does not require bank guarantees for irrigators, as a way to recover the credits, if they do not settle debts.

According to the data provided by the administration of EDIA Lidador Noticías (LN), in 31 of December, the company had receivables 687 irrigators, the amount of 2.154.625,03 euros, water supply. Compared to the end of 2017, the number of borrowers more than doubled, They were 327, and the increase in value 886.322,22 euros.

For the campaign last year, we 120.000 hectare structured area, wherein 82% It is apt to water, they were inscribed 1.670 irrigators, more 209 than the previous year's campaign.

There are debts outstanding for almost a decade, that for reasons not explained EDIA can not charge. This value at the end of the year was 10.674,59 euros less 960 euros from the end of 2017. According to the information provided by edia, the company "while Entity Performer recognized by the Tax Authority and Customs, initiated 279 Tax Foreclosure procedures between 2014 e 2018”, not revealing the recovered value with such actions.

Asked how many debtors are Portuguese and foreign, the company chaired by José Carlos Salema "says no way and it is not within its competence to determine the origin of the capital of companies", adding however that "the overwhelming majority of NIF's are Portuguese", finished.

Despite the lack of payment during the term of which is one year, successively renewed for the same period, EDIA not suspend the supply of water any farmer. In this case the company can succeed clarify that two situations: "The farmer has a debt of the previous year and is not made new contract, or negotiate a payment plan and then approved by the Board of Directors and returns to be made a new contract for the following year ", clarified.

The price of water is fixed by joint order of the Ministries of Agriculture, Environment and Finance, but in the last interview with "Mad Money", President of edia said that "water will have to follow the rise in energy prices", concluded.

The president of the Association of Owners and Beneficiaries of Alqueva (APBA), He explained that "the amounts owed are short term, many of them not related to overdue invoices ", adding that meet the conditions established with the edia "Registration for irrigation are not accepted with arrears", justifying João Rodrigues Cavaco, such practice translates "an extremely high rate charging", finished.

Water Prices

On leaving the secondary network for farms at high pressure: conservation fee: 55,00 € / ha ano, Sample rate (supply): 0,089 € / m3, On leaving the secondary network for farms in low pressure: conservation fee: 20,00 € / ha ano, Sample rate (supply): 0,032 € / m3

Phasing tariff

In the 1st year following the completion of construction of secondary networks of each of the irrigation areas of the Purpose of Enterprise Multiple Alqueva (EFMA) integrated into 120.000 hectares corresponding to the 1st phase of the project, rates to apply should be 40% the values ​​indicated, increasing in the following years to 60% and 80%%, respectively, making the final rate in the 4th year.

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