Beja: Rehabilitation of the outdoor presented with funding.

The UNESCO Center received the public presentation of rehabilitation of the building of the Municipal Pool Discovery. It announced the approval of the application for EU funds than 1,2 million.

"The rehabilitation of the Town Pool, It is part of a triangle of enjoyment of water in Beja and county, which also includes the River Park of the Five Kings and connecting Beja schoolmaster Guadiana river (Quintos area ", justified last night the president of the Chamber of Beja, the idea was the basis of the progress of work.

Paul Arsenio informed that "the project started in 28 February 2018, an application in December last year, the approval of the financial support of the European Union on Tuesday and now the launch phase of the tender ", concluded.

The mayor further informed that "there is an open discussion on the boards: "Maintain the same, but to finish the jumps into the water or eliminate their physical presence ", revealing that in mid-autumn should start the works, explaining that "we may fail and never neglect by deceit", revealing that during the year the space will be available to the public, "between 15 June and 15 of September", concluded.

Talking about money, it was revealed that the investment authority, worth more than half a million euros, It will be done with the use of the European Investment Bank funds (WHEN). Arsenic Paulo revealed that the intervention made by the municipality in 2008 the bath tank, "It was with the use of a loan 400 thousand euros, payable to 40 year old, which will be completed in 2047. There are still outstanding 334.000 euros‚ÄĚ, justified.

John Margalha, senior technician of the local authority, revealed that "the general program of rehabilitation of municipal facilities, considered as priority recoveries of pools discoveries and the Municipal Market, an intervention that will cost about 2 million euros ", justified.

Note that all facilities will be pre-installations, since they will be concessioned, through public tenders and will be dealers to make the installation of equipment.

Main changes in the current structure

The space will be equipped with new facilities, as is the case of the creation of a gym on the 1st floor, in the current local restaurant, and the bar passing this to the opposite side, next to the clock tower, with the restaurant on the 1st floor and the bar on the ground floor, used to support the bath tank.

In the space bar and the ancient baths of children, They will be created four multi-purpose rooms. Also on the ground floor are set two sectors spas, one for children and other groups and for men and ladies.

Outside the building, It will be eliminated the gap between the space of public roads.

The company responsible for the project presented to the council a proposal for the creation of a new signage to identify the various areas of the complex and also an image to marchandising.

Funds involved in the rehabilitation of Pool Discovery

Total cost- 1.788.203,49‚ā¨, Total eligible cost- 1.461.484,14‚ā¨, financial support of the European Union- 1.242.261,52‚ā¨ (ERDF funding rate- 85% of the total eligible cost) and Municipal Investment- 545.941,97‚ā¨.

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