Beja: probation for daughter's rapist. It was his own son who denounced.

Denounced jointly by the son and the victim's brother, the employer / recruiter of Romanian origin and other Moldovans living in the same household, is in custody.

The natural citizen of Moldova, of 42 year old, It is suspected of the practice of daughter rape cases, of 18 year old. The case occurred in Baleizão, county Beja, and the individual was arrested on Monday by the Judicial Police (PJ) de Faro, after investigation by the GNR, after receiving the complaint.

According to the PJ "the girl was violated repeatedly by its parent", since both lived together in the same space, a quarter of a dwelling, in the Alentejo village. Has learned the Lidador News (LN), the individual is one of the many citizens of East moving to pick olives, and the situation would occur already in Moldova.

The joint complaint happened last Sunday after the accusers have seen "awkward moments" between father and daughter and the oppression of reactions that the girl lived before the parent.

Together they took the individual and moved to the Station / Detachment / Beja command of GNR, which formalized the complaint. After inquiring if the contours was made to share the PJ that the next day the suspect arrested.

The individual, thin, short stature, It is described as "poor picture", He was admitted to the Prison to Beja 20,00 hours, six hours of it being present in the city court, three inspectors of the Judicial Police.

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