Beja: Ownership of assets of the former mayor's widow, José dos Reis Colaço, on trial.

Couple took possession of the former mayor's widow goods, José dos Reis Colaço, and it starts today to be prosecuted in the Court of Beja.

Begins today at the Criminal Court of Beja, before a Collective Court, the trial of a couple, husband and wife, resident in Beja, who are accused of aggravated fraud crime, and according to the indictment, for having seized the widow of the assets of the first president of the Chamber of Beja, José dos Reis Colaço.

The Public Ministry (MP) claims in the indictment that Mariana Figueira, of 62 year old, Offended cousin of Maria Conceição Colaço, and her husband, Domingos Figueira, of 63 year old, accountant, from mid- 2004, "Took a depressing picture of the victim in order to take possession of its vast real estate, which amounted to about one million euros ".

The process of reading it is concluded that between 15 June and 12 July 2017, the couple made an enabling heirs, an acquisition of real estate by the dissolution of marital communion, a removal of doubts records and finally a deed of purchase, sale and donation, which allowed him to keep all the widow's assets. Concerned are urban and rural properties located in the municipalities of Beja and Serpa.

In 2009, He went before the Court of Beja a process in which it requested the annulment of the purchase deeds, sale and donation, celebrated in July 2007, having been acquitted defendants. The complainant appealed to the Court of Évora Relationship (THREE) and the appeal was dismissed. That same year the challenge to the ERT decision was upheld by the Supreme as exceptional magazine, but, three years later it would be dismissed the same.

Maria da Conceição Colaço, of 85 year old, would recover from the depressed state and the day 6 April 2017 He came in with a process in Beja MP, which constituted assistant, with "very urgent", since the procedure prescribed three months later.

The victim was admitted with a request for compensation Civil, in January 2018, which calls for the return of the rural and urban buildings, compensation of 950.000 euros, in respect of pecuniary damage and default interest and more 80.000 euros for moral damages.

The middle is closing in October 2015, an account in the name of the defendant and the victim, whose addresses were changed in July 2011, who initially it was on behalf of and husband and domiciled in the Farm Cash Sinks. After the closure of the account, the document informing of such a situation was sent to an address of the couple Colaco in Pias, they enjoyed in 1993, when the address that contained the account was the Sao Tome and Principe Street, in Beja (na photos). To say that the CA branch manager of height, He was a brother of the defendant.

To avoid trial, the defendants, which were representative as the lawyer Ricardo Sá Fernandes, asked the instruction of opening the process, but at the end of instructive debate, the magistrate found that were meeting all the requirements "of aggravated fraud crime practiced co-authored and in fact occurs", by the defendants for what upheld the decision pronouncing the judgment for.

Teixeira Correia


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