Beja: The Labor Court will take place today's audience share between Paul Barriga and Cimbal.

It takes place today in Beja Labor Court the hearing of the parties, in the common process of action, whose author the former director of the Alentejo Journal and as a defendant the cymbal.

At issue is the Joint Action Process (713/19.3T8BJA), Paul Barriga, former director of the Alentejo Daily, He moved against the cymbal-Intermunicipal Community of the Lower Alentejo, where the author seeks to be reimbursed from the funds that understands entitled to your newspaper out.

This first session hear the parties, or their lawyers, for the judge to realize if there is an understanding, in order to settle the dispute without recourse to trial. If there is no agreement on the parties to the dispute, It will be scheduled the trial to decide the "unlawful redundancies”.

According to data that the Lidador News (LN) We had access to the process is worth 54.245,90 euros, results of calculations of what the author considers to be "backward remuneration payments", calculated from 26 February of this year until the date of judgment in the amount of 47.558,40 euros, over the respective period between the decision, and expected to reach a value of 54 thousand euros.

In the action filed in the Beja Work Judgment, Paul Barriga seeks recognition to "unlawful dismissal" and the assumption that worked for the cymbal between 2 December 2010 and 31 January 2019.

LN found that the defense of the former director of the Alentejo's Diary will be in charge of causídica Rita Pereira, daughter of Advocate Garcia Pereira.

It is recalled that after a troubled process in which the competition for the selection of the new director of the newspaper, surrounded by accusations between the two parties, Paul Barriga and cymbal, Luís Godinho, former journalist SIC, He was appointed to head the Alentejo Daily, a position he held since last day 1 Feb..

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