(UPDATE) Beja: Six arrested in the operation “olive” are in custody.

UPDATE: The six individuals arrested in the operation “olive”, DIAP heard in Évora, They were in custody. The five men were taken to the Prison of Beja and the woman to the Prison of Odemira. a bank account was seized with 135.000 euros.

The suspects were arrested under the operation "Masline (Olive in Romanian)", carried out by the management Central Research (DCI) the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), to combat trafficking in persons.

enforcement measures will only be known during the day, being the six suspected to be represented by a single lawyer, Belchior Manuel de Sousa, with offices in Ferreira do Alentejo, and taken as one skilled in the concerned type of crime.

According to a source of information DCI SEF, "During the afternoon (Thursday) a bank account was learned the prime suspect in the amount of 135.000 euros”.

The six people, five men and a woman, aged between 22 and 47 year old, occurred in Beja areas, Ferreira do Alentejo and Montes Old (Aljustrel) and are suspected of human trafficking, aiding illegal immigration and aid association illegal immigration.

Following the investigation that stemmed a year ago under the purview of Évora DIAP, SEF identified 255 foreign nationals citizens, coming from Eastern Europe, working subjected to degrading working conditions, housing and health.

The operation "Masline" was the largest held by the SEF in combating trafficking in human beings, employed 141 operational, and complied with 6 Arrest Warrants, 8 to house search, 2 office search and 12 for seizure of vehicles (in the photo three of the vehicles seized), They were also seized amounts of money, ammunition and tobacco ".

Among those detained are two individuals, The nome e Florin Constantin, regarded as the "capos" of the structure that was recruiting workers in countries of origin, luring with better living conditions, but arrived in Portugal, They were no documents and were forced to work without receiving any salary, sleeping huddled in unfit housing.

Second found JN next to source familiar activity of two individuals, generate half dozen companies in the provision of services in agriculture, hand labor and machines, having last year billed more than 2,5 million.

Turn the identified citizens, They were transported to the end of Tuesday afternoon, in several buses to the barracks of the Infantry Regiment 1, in Beja, where alleged victims of human trafficking were fed and subsequently identified and flagged.

Cerca the 06,00 hours Wednesday were returned to places where they are living, I have yesterday (Thursday) already appeared on the farms where restarted pick olives.

Teixeira Correia


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