(Updated) Beja: Women victims of trampling, transported to Lisbon.

A woman, of 44 year old, resident in Beja, It is in critical condition following a hit, occurred today at 20,00 hours, a street Beja.

UPDATE: Dado o seu estado de saúde se ter agravado, Isabel Martins, the woman who yesterday was run over on a street in Beja, It was transferred early on Tuesday, cerca the 11,30 hours, Ambulance for Spinal Cord vertebral Unit of the Hospital of St. Joseph, in Lisbon.

Has learned the Lidador News (LN) with police source, the woman crossing the street, outside the trouser, along a curve, when the accident happened.

The car circled toward the rotunda of Benfica House, near the Public Garden, when the driver may have been dazzled with the sun and did not see the woman crossing the street.

The victim was transported to the Beja Hospital, where hospitalized, It is to be evaluated to be transferred to a hospital in Lisbon.

At the crash site were seven operational fire and PSP supported by Beja 3 Car.

Teixeira Correia


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