Beja: Woman caught smuggling drugs into jail.

The Public Security Police (PSP) Beja, He stopped a woman, of 38 year old, by Suspeita drug trafficking, when I am trying to introduce drugs into the Prison (EPB) city.

The case occurred at 16,00 hours of Thursday, when the suspect was paid to visit her husband who is being held in BPS. A prison guard suspected of their behavior and after a magazine, detected carrying hashish.

Called agents of the Criminal Investigation Police Station PSP, nine individual doses seized, detained and accused women constituted, by term of identity and residence (TIR).

According to the police, the woman is already referenced "by the practice of this type of crime".

Through the Territorial Jurisdiction of Police, PSP detained on Monday a woman last, of 48 years, over which hung a detention warrant, to comply with a penalty 8 years of effective imprisonment, the practice of swindling crime.

A woman's natural zone of Seixal, cistus living in Beja since last October, It has been recognized by a PSP officer as he prepared to enter the commercial area, located next to the seminar.

It was then led to the prison Odemira, a chain intended to prisoners and detainees preventive female.

Teixeira Correia


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