Beja: Minister Beja came to discuss the launch of the study of the electrification of the railway line.

The Minister of Planning and Infrastructure was yesterday met with the presidents of 13 Beja district chambers, integrating the Intermunicipal Community of the Lower Alentejo (CIMB). Terminal Civil “out of the question” to be a complement to Lisbon.

The official explained that the visit was aimed at "a double objective" that has undergone "discuss the investments under the NIP 2030 and other priority issues for the region ", justified.

Pedro Marques, who was accompanied by the Secretary of State for Infrastructures, Guilherme d'Oliveira Martins, said that the National Program for Investments (PNI) provides "the electrification of the railway line between the White House and Beja and the road link in IP profile, two tracks for each side, between Santa Margarida do Sado (Ferreira do Alentejo) to Beja ", explaining that the government considers to be "two investments to enhance the capital district and the area in general", concluded.

The ruler was revealed that "the works discussed restart" the IP8 / A26 of the portion that connects the Old Pied (Ferreira do Alentejo) to the node A2, Grandola South, that is completed two years ago, but that is not used for lack of overhaul, by the dealer, Brisa, the toll plaza.

The official explained that "the Portugal Infrastructure (IP) He notified the dealership that has to restart the works to 14 March, under penalty of the IP to complete the square tolls ", finished.

Pedro Marques also said that "was given the kick-off to start the feasibility studies of electrification of the section between the White House and Beja, through the airport ", remembering that the ordinance "intends to launch this procedure has already been published", justified. "We need to do preliminary work in these two years, that in 2021, We can move forward with obram, with the use of EU funds ", the minister held.

The holder of the Infrastructure folder explained that "the inclusion of the airport in the study, It aims to see if it has an additional potential, for investment, which is very significant, be studied and then run ", concluded.

When asked about the Beja option to Lisbon airport, Pedro Marques was adamant: "The issue is closed Terminal. The distance between Beja and Lisbon does not achieve this hypothesis. It has potential for tourism, but never as a complementary airport. This would be the farthest additional aviation infrastructure in Europe for the city center (read: Lisbon)", finished.

The president of the Chamber of Beja, Socialist Paulo Arsenio was satisfied with the meeting and the announcements made, although only after 2020, arguing that "it is the duty of mayors and governors tell the truth to people and that's what was done here", adding that the region deserves "two good links, rail and road ", adding that according to what the minister said "the future road link between Beja and Malhada Velha, will not be portajada ", concluded.

Highway that exists

To make the connection between Beja and Grandola A2-South Node, it is necessary to go about 55 kilometers, having to go through the towns of Beringel (Beja) and Figueira Knights and Santa Margarida do Sado (both in Ferreira do Alentejo county), by a National Road 121, very bumpy through the massive trafficking in Spain heavy goods to Lisbon and Sines and vice versa, Apart from that it causes delay.

To open the highway between the roundabout and the Civil Terminal Beja, the city gates, the route was shortened by about 15 kilometers, of which would result in great savings of time, by reducing the distance and better track quality.

Alentejo Line (Beja / White House)

In January 2011, CP-Train Portugal abolished the two direct connections between Intercity Beja-Lisbon and vice versa, taking into existence five links, and transferring at White House, the connection being made by diesel railcar. With the end of Intercity, They started to be additional stops in Cuba, Alvito, Vila Nova de Alvito and Alcáçovas.

The links in the Alentejo Line, between Lisbon and √Čvora are now made with an electric railcar, with stops in Sales and New Home, White, and hence the transfer to Beja. In addition to the constant delays in connections, malfunctions of old compositions diesel, CP replace the rail link, by road bus links.

The link between Beja and White House, by road is higher than about 20 kilometers, in addition to the delay time, by crossing that makes several settlements. At that time also was suspended rail link between Beja and Funcheira (Ourique) that allowed conjunction with access to the Algarve.

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