Beja: Military drunk that fatally hit cyclist, judged in February.

More than 18 months later, will start to be judged in February 2020, First Sgt Portuguese Air Force (FAP) in which 29 June 2018, fatally hit a bicyclist off the Air Base (BA) Nº11, in Beja.

Filipe Alves, of 35 year old, will answer to a judge of the Criminal Court Beja Local, on 12 Feb., by 10,00 hours, by crimes of murder by negligence, omission of help and dangerous driving, because prosecutors understand that should not be applied, in concrete, a sentence of imprisonment exceeding five years.

Has learned the Lidador News (LN) with judicial source the defendant did not request the instruction of opening the process, in order to avoid trial.

The military is at liberty, by term of identity and residence (TIR), after that day, cerca the 18,55 hours, have hit mortally Jorge Martin (na photos), a rider 52 year old, bank official. The vehicle driven by the accused, that after being subjected to the test of blood alcohol, He charged an alcohol in the blood (TAS), at least 1,701 g/l, cyclist hit the skirt when BA11, the Military Road that connects the Air Force unit to the city of Beja.

According to the order for prosecution to the LN had access long had access, after trampling, the cyclist according to the MP "died at the scene, after the violent clash ", and Realizing the fact, the accused "left the scene of the accident, fleeing, and without paying any aid to the victim and or trigger any means of assistance ", justifies the magistrate responsible for dispatching.

The individual circled over three kilometers along the military road and access to IP2, He made a U-turn to return to BA11, when it was stopped by GNR. Subject to test blood alcohol, He charged an alcohol in the blood (TAS), at least 1,701 g/l. Do not dispatch MP, the defendant is accused of "drive the vehicle with negligence, distraction, manifest lack of care and in a drunken state, that put in danger the lives of other drivers who circulate that way ", as was the case of Jorge Martin. "

Notified to appear in court on the morning of Beja 2 July, to be heard in summary procedure, but, given the strike of judicial workers that occurred that day, the same happened to inquiry.

In addition to possible imprisonment or a fine that can be sentenced, for driving with a BAC considered crime, Filipe Alves incurs an additional penalty of prohibition to drive 3 months 3 years and the loss of 6 points on the driving license.

Punished by the Air Force

The first sergeant was punished with 30 days of disciplinary arrest, As accomplished within premises BA 11, unit which provides service, punishment in the wake of a process initiated by the Air Force.

The military was punished with a penalty more severe and maximum provided for in Article 30 of the Disciplinary Military Regulations (RDM), disciplinary prison under Article 35, It is "the offender's retention for a period of one to 30 days, military installation, particularly in the barracks ".

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