Beja: Youth of Casa Pia were not judged by withdrawal of complaints.

The youth of the Casa Pia de Beja (CPB) accused of two counts of theft, of which qualified, They have not been tried because the victims have given up complaints.

The Board of School Mario Beirão and technical director of the Casa Pia, They dropped the charges against two young institutionalized in the last of establishments (CPB), staking accused of two crimes of theft.

After the start of the trial the victims revealed the intention not to continue with the prosecution of the accused, and with the consent of these was given as the process terminated.

P.M. e F.S., both with 17 year old, were accused of co-authors have committed a crime of theft and another robbery, both of which occurred in early December 2018.

In the first theft by which they are judged, the two young men were introduced in the technical director of the office of the Casa Pia using a window of the building that previously left open and a desk drawer of responsibility led 200 euros, not recovered.

The other crime occurred at the school Mario Beirão, Also in Beja, They forced windows of the sports hall and the educational establishment bar and stole various juices and chocolates, assessed in 165 male.

The two defendants have already been tried last June and have two processes under investigation by the type of crime, all those committed in the course of this year.

Teixeira Correia


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