Beja: Joaquim Lampreia, "The last shoemaker. An artist of shoes "

Joaquim Lampreia, known in his homeland, Fat Head, a 10 miles of Beja, as "Joaquim Node", It is on the verge of completing 50 year career as a shoemaker.

Name: Joachim Jacob LAMPREIA, Age: 64 year old

Profession: shoemaker

Birth and residence: Fat Head (Beja)

Local work: Beja

He began to 16 year old, as an apprentice of the Master Manuel Pardal, who was also a barber. "To walk not done marau to catch birds, my mother held me in Master's Shop. I cobbler and barber ", recalls.

In 1975, after compliance with the compulsory military service, Joaquim Lampreia headed to Beja to work and joined a Cooperative Shoemakers, located in one of the arteries known Beja, the Sembrano Street. But the advanced age of most of the companions and the disappearance of some, Joaquim took to change the course of life. "On the same street, I settled down on their own ", remember.

Every day Joaquim Lampreia makes 30 kilometers, between Gorda and Beja head to come to work. "It's tiring find place to park the car, than to come to the village ", justified.

Manufator footwear, It is also like presents and explains why: “manufator, It is one that's hand, is root some shoes or some boots, and I know how to do either of the two ", shoots laughing.

But "Joaquim Knot" also has a name for those who are a real cobbler. "Shoemaker is all that handle the footwear sitting. If you are standing, It is an "arranger", a skilled, a curious who learned to move on footwear ", justified.

But the profession has had ups and is now very low, sustains the shoemaker. "Today we put some covers, a lay patches. Place half soles, it is time that it's been. ordered 15 euros for an arrangement and respond: let us buy some Chinese ", conta disenchanted.

Joaquim Lampreia is a well-known figure in the city, not only for the profession, but because it is a very outgoing and talkative individual.

The shop is an artery linking the Cine Teatro Pax Julia-the cod Garden, one of the busiest, either by people or by car and there are those who every day go to a chat. "I have a friend who really respect that never fails. Veiga Trigo, the former football referee. Excellent person and good conversationalist ", shoots.

But not to be alone, It has a "helper" Rafael, a dummy that created Joaquim. Sitting in a chair, shoes in hand and cigarette "chins", is your company who "talk" in moments of solitude.

But "Joaquim Node, how come: "Was there an old lady in the village who called me because I was Jaquenol and Jacob were to think it was that nickname. If they are to my village and not ask for the "Joaquim Node" no one knows who is ", says laughing.

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